CPS-IoT Week is the premier event on Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things. It brings together five top conferences, HSCC, ICCPS, IoTDI, IPSN, and RTAS, multiple workshops, tutorials, competitions and exhibitions from industry and academia.

News and Announcements

December 15, 2021: Tutorials announced!
November 22, 2021: Workshops announced!
September 1, 2021: Call for Workshops and Tutorials announced!
September 1, 2021: The CPS-IoT Week 2022 website is online!


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About Milan

Milano is Italy’s economic powerhouse and a cultured, modern, lively city full of beauties and artistic works. You will move across a hub of innovation and a city respectful of the environment, continuously investing in sustainable mobility. In Milano you will have the chance to discover how twenty-six centuries of history will shape the near future, bringing the charm and wisdom of local heritage into brilliant and groundbreaking global innovations.


The organizers of the CPS-IoT Week 2022 activities, condemns any harassment activities at its venues. If you believe you have been harassed, you are encouraged to report the incident, in confidence, to the General Co-chairs. Further, please check here for details.